About Queensland Mustang & Camaro Spares

Specializing in Mustang and Camaro spare parts from 1964 to 1973.

It’s been almost ten years since Queensland Mustang Spares started selling Mustang parts as a hobby. Since then we have gone from carrying 100 line items to carrying over 9000 line items and have supplied Mustang parts to customers all over Australia and overseas.

We have become one of Queensland’s biggest suppliers of mustang parts and accessories for the classic mustangs (1965-73 mustang parts).

Our goal 10 years ago was to help people who could not get the right parts for their mustang at a fair price and this is still our goal. Any profit that Queensland Mustang Spares makes goes back into the business so we are able to increase the stock in order to have the items on hand for the customers. As you know, it is all about customer service.

In 2016 we have decided to grow the business and include Camaro spare parts to our inventory.

We are able to have items air freighted if required and we pride ourselves on being able to have the right item in stock when the customer needs it.

Finally if you wish to come around to look at the show room and what stock we hold, please give us a ring and we will be more than happy to show you.