1972-73 Convertible Deluxe Upholstery (Vermilion)

1972-73 Convertible Deluxe Upholstery (Vermilion) QMS-9820 72CV-D-FULL-VE

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1972-73 Convertible Deluxe Upholstery (Vermilion)
Scott Drake deluxe seat upholstery is specifically made for Mustangs with factory deluxe interiors. They are the best on the market and are precision-made from the same heavy-duty vinyl originally used by Ford. They are manufactured from heavy-duty, 32 oz. vinyl and use a solid welt cord. The custom colors are an exact match for the factory colors. The patterns are die-cut for precision and have the same detail as the originals. Scott Drake Deluxe seat upholstery do not include hog rings for installation, and seat buttons are sold separately.

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